Rapid Sterility and Rapid Mycoplasma Testing

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When bringing advanced therapeutics to patients, speed and compliance are critical.

Rapid testing methods from Azzur Labs provide the highest quality and fastest turnaround times into the analytical testing process for complex products. 


Rapid Mycoplasma Testing

When developing novel therapies, short shelf life and complex CMC designs can present a challenge. Quick turnaround times are essential in order to receive accurate test results and move forward with product development. Cell products or cell substrates used during the advanced therapies manufacturing processes are required to be free of adventitious agents. Rapid Mycoplasma testing services from Azzur Labs provide same-day QPCR mycoplasma detection for use in testing raw materials, cell culture, bulk-lot and final-product release testing, and more. Using matrix effect testing and validation (LOD) for implementation, turnaround time is minimized, and same-day reliable results allow product development to move forward.

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