Microbial Genetic Identification Services for Advanced Therapeutics



When bringing advanced therapeutics to patients, speed and compliance are critical.

Whether as a result of an environmental monitoring program or sterility testing, when microbial isolates are discovered, it is crucial for risk assessment and safety to obtain an accurate microbial identification in a timely manner. 

Azzur labs microbial genetic identification services support QC laboratories in the identification of both bacteria and mold/fungi isolates using a robust and comprehensive microbial and fungi database. 

Sample submission

Different sample types (DNA preparation, live cultures, etc.) are accepted for identifications based on our customer needs. When sending plates with live cultures, it is important that they are fresh cultures and are shipped overnight at room temperature (20-25 °C) to our location. Upon arrival inspection, Azzur labs may need to subculture the colonies.

Prioritizing quality results without sacrificing efficiency.

Depending on the urgency of testing services an organization requires, Azzur Labs provides three different options for microbial identification turnaround times:

Our turn around times are based on business days.

  • 1-day results 
  • 2-day results 
  • 5-day results
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