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GxP Guidance for the Industry’s Most Novel Developments

From on-demand cleanrooms to help accelerate your early-phase manufacturing — to GxP advisory services geared specifically toward scaling out your operations — Azzur Group understands the the challenges you're up against. 

Regulatory guidelines within the biotechnology and cell and gene therapy (CGT) space are in constant motion. And, for some of the industry’s most novel developments, regulatory guidelines are yet to be solidified. Therefore, you’re left to interpret the guidance and implement it in a manner that mitigates your specific risks while improving patients’ lives."


Start. Scale. Sustain.®

Backed by decades of experience immersed in a culture of quality, Azzur’s qualified  GxP consultants, engineers, and scientists work side-by-side with your team to assess processes and develop comprehensive, risk-averse, and appropriate quality control methods and documentation practices. We also manage a regulatory guidance database based on our years of experience that gives your team an edge over the competition, allowing you to start, scale, and ultimately sustain your operations. 

Appropriate infrastructure and time to treatment shouldn't stand in your way. That's why Azzur Group focuses on compliance so you can focus on science. 

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