IT Advisory Services

Your business is in constant motion

growing with tremendous pressure to achieve more with less, while your in-house technology may be struggling to keep up. With thousands of collective hours working alongside customers across the life sciences spectrum, Azzur Group understands the core issues, illuminates the potential risks, and enables solutions that empower your business to start, scale, and sustain. 


Strategy from the Start

Whether you're considering new technology or overwhelmed by myriad enterprise systems, our team of GxP-qualified consultants addresses common questions with services tuned to your situation with strategy consulting, program management, and solution design. Delivering compliance from day one, we know the industry's proven platforms and have our fingers on the pulse of the ever-evolving regulatory demands on data, computer systems, and IT quality management.

Computer System Validation (CSV) & Computer Software Assurance (CSA)

Beginning with the end in mind, Azzur takes the regulatory principles of CSV guidance and establishes benchmarks for each system or asset against safety, quality, and system integrity. From there, we employ a realistic, maintainable, and risk-based approach to compliance, taking into account all aspects of your in-house and enterprise systems. 

CSV Services

  • Global Business/Supply Chain Management Systems Compliance
  • Manufacturing Systems Compliance 
  • Laboratory Systems/Instruments Compliance 
  • IT Infrastructure/Component/Data Center Qualification 
  • Cybersecurity Consulting 
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Services


Data Integrity

With careful consideration of risk, data lifecycle, and security-related controls, Azzur Group helps you navigate the roadmap of data integrity regulations and guidance. As a team of qualified cGMP consultants, we have the expertise, tools, and execution experience to provide pragmatic, appropriately-scaled solutions to help your business start-up, scale-up, and sustain.

From DI assessments and mock-audits to program design and implementation, Azzur Group offers comprehensive guidance and support to ensure your data and records are secure. 


Infrastructure, Security, & Cloud Services

Azzur brings vast experience and deep expertise in enterprise IT, security, and cloud services.  For years, we have provided our clients with comprehensive Infrastructure solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

Our cross-domain approach creates a secure architecture that doesn’t interfere with functionality or operational efficiency, while prioritizing risk and fully compliant. Every step and every decision is carefully considered with a “Risk-Based Threat Detection” mindset.


  • Strategy Consulting 
  • IT Program Management Office 
  • Solution Design 
  • Data Integrity 
  • Computer System Validation 
  • Computer Software Assurance
  • Cybersecurity 
  • IT Quality Management 
  • IT Governance 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Part 11 Assessment 
  • Quality & Compliance Auditing
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