Take a 5-minute Guided Tour of an Azzur Cleanrooms On Demand Facility

Watch this 5-minute video for a guided tour of an Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™ facility to learn what we provide pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device manufacturers in need of ISO-classified cGMP-compliant cleanroom space, warehousing, and material management.

We know a lack of manufacturing infrastructure and compliance expertise can be major hurdles when starting your GxP journey to develop critical therapies. Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand can help accelerate your time to clinic without the demands of facility ownership or reliance on contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

A transcript of this video is provided below for your ease of reference. For more information and additional resources to help you make decisions regarding your own cleanroom facility needs, please check out our cleanrooms on demand page to learn everything you need to know about renting a cleanroom and take a 3D virtual tour of our other facilities in biotech hubs throughout the U.S.

Video Transcript

What is Inside Our Cleanrooms On Demand - ISO 7 ISO 8 Modular Cleanrooms | Azzur Group

Welcome to Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand. Today, we're at our facility in sunny Vista, California located in San Diego County. I am Stephanie and I'll be your tour guide for the day. Come on in!

Welcome! So this is our lobby. Behind me, here, is one of our conference rooms that are available for reservation in our 30,000 sq. ft. facility comprised of nine ISO 7/8 cleanrooms.  Let's go.

As we enter the facility and turn left, we're entering our office space, but one thing I do want to point out is our core values here on the wall:  Put others first, have courage to take action, take personal responsibility, and have fun.  Don't let the Have Fun bubble fool you, it's just as important as the others. 

Peppered amongst our first-and second-floor offices are spaces where our quality and operations team sits, so you're never far from an Azzurian. 

With the occupancy of a cleanroom comes an accompanying dedicated bullpen or office space. This space comfortably sits approximately 4-6 people where you have access to office supplies, a large monitor, the Internet...great for a break from the cleanroom or just some office activities.

We are now in our shared warehouse facility where we have storage conditions ranging from ambient to 2-8C, -20C, -80C, and cryo.  We also store our consumables here that we offer our clients. Since this is a shared facility, we do only allow our Azzur staff entrance in order to ensure the privacy of our clients.  Our clients have access to our shared break room where they can come and have lunch or grab a snack or a drink.

We are now entering our CNC gowning space. First thing; I'm going to don some shoe covers.  Next, we're going to grab scrubs and facility shoes. Be right back!

After donning our scrubs, we going to come over here, wash our hands.  Now, we're going to grab some safety glasses. 

Now that I have my primary gowning on, we will be entering the ISO8 corridor. Along this corridor are 9 cleanrooms. Five of which are traditional biologics where air cascades from our ISO7 core outward to the corridor. Our final 4 are our contained suites, all of which have the same footprint of approximately 750-sq-ft total.  Let's take a look inside one!

We've now entered our ISO 8 anteroom. All of our suites are access-controlled by a badge.  In order to get this badge, our clients have to undergo a training specific to our facility. In this ISO 8 area, we can have CTUs such are staged here. Our clients can have storage, do sampling, anything that's appropriate for an ISO 8 space.

In order to adhere to EU standards, we have both our material airlock and our personnel airlock. Here in our personnel airlock, our clients can don their secondary gowning.

Now that we have our secondary gowning on, we are entering our ISO 7 space--approximately 500 sq. ft. Each room comes with one ISO 5 BSC, standard cleanroom furniture such as stainless steel tables, chairs, racks, and each room is equipped with four incoming gasses: carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and compressed air. Our cleanrooms are equipped with 110v and 200v power outlets, as well as back-up power. 

Though our rooms are 750 sq. ft., they are modular, so we are able to pop out some of the panels to adjoin two adjacent rooms.  Those panels can be left open, or a pass-through or a door can be put in.

Safety is key, therefore, we have an emergency shower and eyewash, as well as rooms equipped with flammable and corrosive storage, and a universal spill kit. 

In order to adhere to GMP unidirectional flow, we will be exiting the exiting airlock and removing our secondary gowning. We are now exiting the exiting airlock into the CNC corridor and back into the gowning area.  In this ISO 7 core, you bring the science, and we bring the compliance. 

At Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand, you are the expert at what you do; therefore, we provide the cGMP envelope around that to support you: materials management, waste management, security, pest control, personnel support, utility, quality management systems, cleaning and disinfection, environmental monitoring, and more.

Thank you so much for joining our tour today! We hope you had fun and learned more about our Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand model. We hope to see you soon!