Meeting Cell and Gene Manufacturing Demand

Dan Dernbach
Meeting Cell and Gene Manufacturing Demand Teaser

In this CLS Life Sciences Insights article, you will gain insight into the rapidly growing cell and gene therapy market and how to stay on top of the increased manufacturing demand.

“Cleanroom licensing enables companies to customize cleanrooms to satisfy their manufacturing needs fully. In doing so, companies have complete control over the process, the space they are occupying, scheduling, quality control, and other activities.” 
- Dan Dernbach, SVP of Global Operations, Azzur Cleanrooms on Demand™

Read the full article featured on page 2 in the CLS Life Sciences Insights Magazine or learn more about how Azzur's Cleanrooms on Demand™ hybrid model is helping manufacturers treat, prevent, and cure diseases worldwide. 


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Dan Dernbach

As Vice President of Operations at Azzur Cleanrooms On Demand™️, Dan Dernbach has more than 25 years of experience in life science and healthcare with comprehensive operational expertise. Azzur COD’s hybrid model includes on-demand cleanrooms and related services for materials management, asset management, and supply chain. In San Diego, the firm's second major location, Dan enjoys working with customers to progress their research and development and enable them to get their products into the hands of end-users as efficiently as possible.
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