GC Chemist

Location: Schnecksville, PA
Department: Azzur Labs, LLC

Job Description

Essential Functions:

1.     Describe the overall purpose and objectives of the position, the results the employee is expected to accomplish and the degree of freedom to act

2.     Essential functions are the primary reason the position exists, how this job affects other positions and the organization

3.     Essential job functions focus on the results or outcome of a function, not solely on the way it customarily is performed

4.     Provide percentage of time spent on each task or group of similar tasks

  1. Job content should be measurable, attainable & goal oriented; tasks, duties and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done           Performing Tests
    1. Interact with clients on an as needed technical basis under guidance from a supervisor. Advise and consult with regard to testing methods, interpretation of results and suggest additional and/or alternative testing or methods.
    2. Set up and analyze tests according to protocols, specifications and directives
    3. Collaborate with the implementation, maintenance and improvement of quality systems.
    4. Perform laboratory testing in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025
    5. Assist with training personnel, develop training materials and formats as directed by management
    6. Review and maintain records for compliance with laboratory specifications.
    7. Conduct on site testing, perform required calculations, and notify clients of exceeded levels
    8. Assist with investigations into the impact on laboratory operations resulting from observations, deviations and equipment failures.
    Design, implement, and conduct internal laboratory studiesPlanning of tests
    1. Collaborate with the schedule and conduct of laboratory tests
    2. Collaborate in scheduling and conduct of laboratory cleaning
    Assist with scheduling and conduct of qualifications, validations, and calibrations.Reporting Opinions and Interpretations
    1. Possess relevant knowledge of the technology used for the manufacturing of materials tested, or the way they are used or intended to be used, and of the defects or degradations which may occur during or in service.
    2. Understand the significance of deviations found with regard to the normal use of materials tested
    Communicate with clients on an ongoing basis to discuss interpretation of test results, trend analysis and matters regarding exceeded concerns levels, follow ups, and reports under the guidance of a supervisor.

    Method Modification and Development and Validation of New Methods

    Collaborate in drafting, executing, and reviewing of qualification, validation and calibration reports.

    Additional Functions:

    1. Keeps the laboratory clean and maintains equipment
    2. Follow all safety precautions, use appropriate PPE where required and conduct himself or herself and all testing in a safe, appropriate manner.
    3. Read and understand methods and protocols on an ongoing basis. Advise of changes, as required, to improve protocols and methods
    4. Read journal and publications to keep abreast with changes and developments in applicable technologies and methods
    5. Engage in ongoing cGMP, safety and ethics programs

      Azzur Group is an equal opportunity employer and promotes diverse cultures, ethnicities, gender, and ages in our workplace. We believe that promoting diversity plays an important role in developing top-quality talent, fostering greater innovation and creativity, and enhancing our relationships with customers and the communities in which we operate.

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